We welcome applications for placements within the Trust. Please read the details below, which will help you decide what sort of placement is best for you. You can also visit the Identified Placement Opportunities page to see what’s already available.

Work experience and shadowing

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust recognises the value of introducing the next generation to what working in today’s NHS is like and are committed to delivering the Widening Participation Strategy. As such, we offer a range of supervised five-day work experience opportunities to 14 to 18 years olds at our corporate headquarters in Dudley. We also welcome applicants over 18 looking to spend up to five days shadowing a clinical professional.

Please note:

All placements are subject to reference checks and a minimum of three months’ notice is required when trying to arrange a placement.

We are unable to offer applicants under 18 placements in clinical areas, in any circumstances.

To apply for either work experience or work shadowing, please use the online work experience application form and return it to


We offer a large variety of apprenticeships across the Trust at all levels and all of our vacancies are advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service site which can be found here.

Follow us on Twitter @HealthWorksNHS to see the latest apprenticeship news and vacancies.

Professional development opportunities

Professional development placements are time-limited and intended to meet specific educational, professional or career objectives that the applicant has with a range of weekly/monthly commitments with durations ranging from 2 to 52 weeks.

We have a variety of opportunities working within both the corporate and clinical fields, but they are limited and highly sought after, especially in the field of psychology. All requests are subject to the particular service having the capacity to support a placement at that time and the candidate having appropriate skills that can be utilised. As such, informal interviews are regularly undertaken to assess the suitability of candidates.

All professional development placements are subject to full DBS checks, occupational health screening, and suitable references. Successful candidates must undertake mandatory Trust training before commencing their duties, which may mean attending on a day outside of the usual placement time.

Please use the online professional development application form to express an interest in working with us. For professional development placements it is also advisable to include a covering letter and/or CV to enhance your application. We suggest that you apply a minimum of three months before you wish to start.


Volunteers have no specific objective or outcome in mind when offering their time and skill beyond give back to the community. You have the potential to contribute enormously to the range of services we offer. We are particularly interested in people who have skills which can be used to complement treatments; however, anyone is welcome to offer whatever talents they have! Our volunteers commit a wide range of time, from a few hours a month to a day or more a week.

All volunteers are subject to full DBS checks and occupational health screening. Suitable references are also required. Successful candidates must undertake mandatory Trust trainng which may mean attending on a day outside of the usual placement time.

Use the online volunteer application form to express an interest in working with us.