Working to improve young people’s services

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services team in Walsall have recently undertaken some work with Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to reduce waiting times into young people’s services.

Our staff began regular reviews of caseloads as well as increasing supervision and offering additional training to deal with the growing demand. Our partnership with the CCG saw a GP Liaison service come into place, enabling us to work together across agencies to signpost to the most appropriate services, avoiding any referrals potentially being rejected.

We also commenced our CAMHS crisis team. This allowed for immediate intervention and support for patients who are most at risk. It was also identified that further work could be done with schools and we further strengthened this work by having dedicated CAMHS staff based in schools to help support teachers in managing and recognising emotional or behavioural difficulties.

The service continues to build relationships with local services to help support young people in Walsall. This may mean that young people don’t need to wait to be seen by CAMHS, which can indirectly support schools, local authority staff and carers to support children and young people.

By introducing new initiatives, our service saw a reduction in CAMHS waiting lists as well as being able to offer earlier intervention. Patients and their families no longer needed to wait for extended periods of time for vital support, allowing for earlier intervention.

If you’d like to read more about the work that CAMHS have done, please see the Health Leader News website. For more information about our CAMHS service visit our service pages.