Dudley Borough Council Carers Support

Carer Aware – online training course and resource for staff and carers.

If you would like more information about the carer’s role, rights to assessments and benefits and services to support them in Dudley go to Dudley Council’s online course for more information, test your knowledge and get your certificate! You can access the information whenever you need it.  See: www.dudley.gov.uk/careraware

Dudley Carers Network

The Network provides advice and information for adult carers in Dudley. The Network is a mailing list whose members receive the newsletter, The Dudley Carer 3, times a year. The newsletter is packed with useful information about services and events. To join the Network either the carer or the person they care for must live in the Dudley borough.  For a registration form, call or email the Network at carers.network@dudley.gov.uk

Advice Line

The helpline service via phone and email offers general advice and signposting to other services.  A 24 hour answering machine always states when calls will be responded to if the Carers Co-ordinator is not available.

Carer’s ‘peace of mind’ Emergency Scheme

This scheme helps to ensure that a cared-for person is supported if the carer has a medical emergency or accident. Carers provide details about the person they care for. This is entered into the Home Call Centre’s secure database. If the carer has an accident or emergency, anyone who sees the card can ring the Centre who will ensure that the cared for person receives support depending on the information held. This is a free, 24-hour, year round service.  Carers who would need extra help, other than that provided by family and friends, may benefit from a Carer’s Emergency Plan which, following assessment, can provide an agreed amount of support for up to 72 hours. The first step is to complete an application form available from the Dudley Council Carers Network

E Bulletins

Carers can subscribe to a fortnightly e bulletin for up to date information on what is happening locally and nationally just email carers.network@dudley.gov.uk and ask to receive these.

The Dudley Carer Guides

There are a variety of fact sheets available on, Mobility, Equipment, Housing, Money, Leisure, Support Groups, Employment, Assessments and Services.  For more information, to join the network, contact the Carers Co-ordinator or see our factsheets go to www.dudley.gov.uk/carers