Ringing the changes – Toukeer is our NHS Hero

From keeping people in check at weddings and concerts to keeping his team in check at Dorothy Pattison Hospital, ex-security guard Toukeer Salim (28), took the decision to completely change his career path four years ago and has never looked back since.

After beginning his NHS journey directing callers to the right place as part of the switchboard team at Dorothy Pattison Hospital, Toukeer is now an administration assistant for the Walsall Home Treatment Team at Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust and is the first point of contact for all staff and patients.

“The people I work with motivate me so much but knowing I also make a difference to patients means the world,” said Toukeer.

“I hold responsibility for updating patients’ information for my team which is vital because if the information supplied to my colleagues was incorrect, it could make things worse, but I ensure that I always maintain accuracy in order for our patients to receive the best outcomes in their homes.”

A typical shift for Toukeer takes place between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

“I am always the first person patients speak to when calling the team. I speak to them if nurses aren’t available, and calls can be anything from wanting to change personal details to requesting future appointment dates.

“I always speak to patients politely and if I have to interrupt my colleagues during meetings because a patient is distressed, then I do so because the health of our patients is so important to us all.”

Toukeer says that he has many highlights over his NHS career to date but there is one that particularly stands out for him.

“Receiving recognition from our Chief Executive, Mark Axcell, really stood out for me. I recently received a monthly staff award which was amazing because not only was I nominated by other colleagues for my hard work, but I was recognised at a senior level, which really does mean the world to me.”

When he’s not responding to patient enquiries, Toukeer can be found organising staff football matches which he began to do 12 months ago and they have been a big hit with his colleagues ever since.

Goals Soccer Centre in Willenhall is where you can find 14 members of Trust staff, from healthcare assistants to psychiatrists, playing 7-a-side matches every week – the team even includes the Trust’s medical director!

Toukeer’s next career goal is to become a support worker within the team so that he can assist consultants when visiting patients in their homes.

Outside of work, Toukeer is a keen Manchester United supporter and loves to play FIFA on his Xbox when he’s not exploring the great outdoors with his daughter Arya.

So who would Toukeer say is his hero?

“My mom is definitely my hero – 100%.

“I love sports and I could name many different sporting heroes of mine but my mom is my biggest hero just because of everything she has done for me and my family, she’s just amazing.”

Toukeer’s mental health message: “Never suffer in silence.”