Vaccine boost for children

This winter the Trust pledged to donate ten lifesaving tetanus vaccinations for every single flu vaccine given to staff who work there.

Staff employed by the local mental health trust were encouraged to get their flu jab to not only protect themselves and their patients from flu, but also help save the lives of children all around the world who will benefit from receiving essential tetanus vaccinations.

As a result of this initiative the trust saw over 70% of frontline healthcare staff get their flu jab this year. These positive results enabled the trust to donate enough funds to provide life-saving vaccines for over seven thousand children in deprived countries.

Mark Axcell, Chief Executive Officer said, “By supporting the Unicef initiative our staff know that getting the flu jab this year has not only helped protect themselves and the people around them but has potentially saved the lives of many young children around the world who do not have access to healthcare services.”