Family Therapy

The Panasar Family’s Story

One family who have benefitted from the CAMHS is the Panasar family. Their family includes mum Harvender, son Sandev (19) and twins Armadev and Amrita, aged 13.

Over the years, Amrita had become unhappy and angry, and often shouted, screamed and could be violent and abusive towards her family. Her behaviour was affecting the whole family, and mum Harvender felt that she could no longer cope. Their GP referred them to CAMHS, and they accessed the Trust’s Family Therapy Service.

The whole family welcomed the opportunity to work together to understand Amrita’s problems and look at how to do things differently. Together, they took part in therapy for almost two years, and – as a result – Amrita became more positive about her life.

Amrita says: “Family therapy was life-changing for me. It made me realise that my family do a lot for me and they appreciate the things that I do, too.”

Following Amrita’s discharge from the service, brother Sandev wrote to the service saying: “Without support as good as this, many families around the country would be in turmoil. Family therapy gave us the opportunity for someone from the outside to look at what could be improved, not just with my sister, but with our attitudes towards her, too.”

Their mother added: “I am unable to put into words what an extremely valuable service we have received and how much working as a family has had an effect on all of us. It has taught us that it’s not an individual who has to change, but that we as a family have to work together to make the cogs turn. Thank you so much for making us a family again.”

Amrita is now doing much better at school and even has ambitions to become a family therapist when she is older.