Employment Services

Bryan’s story

One person who has benefitted from the Dudley Step Up Employment Service is 43 year old Bryan. Having been a service user for five years, Bryan decided that he was ready to gradually get back into work. With help from Step Up, Bryan is now employed three days a week as a Maintenance Operative for Integra Supported Housing, where his work involves looking after the gardens at various properties.

“I really would recommend Employment Services,” says Bryan. “Thanks to them, I now have the confidence to be able to do a job, and I know I have somebody to talk to if I need it,” he explains. “They call me before and after work and hold sessions with me to build up my confidence. And I know that if I have any concerns with my job that they are always willing to speak to my manager to sort things out.”

Bryan’s manager, Service Manager Brian Chamberlain, is delighted with his new employee, saying, “Bryan is a real asset and gets on very well with everyone.” Bryan’s family and friends have seen how much he has grown in confidence since he started his new job.

“I used to be quiet, but now they can’t shut me up,” laughs Bryan.