Partnership working leads to numerous benefits for Dudley service users

Joint partnership working between Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (DWMHT) and Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (Dudley CCG) has led to increase in access to services and the resulting quality of care provided to service users.

National figures released in November 2015 indicated that Dudley had the shortest waiting period between referral and treatment time in the country and nearly 27 days shorter than the national average waiting time.

Dr Mona Mahfouz, GP and Clinical Lead at Dudley CCG, said: “It’s heartening to see all the collective hard work of Dudley CCG and DWMHT pay off in achieving these results which indicate that there is indeed an improved access to psychological therapies in Dudley.”

The two organisations have a lengthy history of joint partnership working has resulted in benefits for the local community. Most recent, DWMHT and Dudley CCG have joined forces with others on forging a new model of care known as the Multispecialty Community Provider (MCP) Model.

The MCP model has put Dudley at the forefront of the national campaign to transform the way healthcare is delivered across England. The care model is designed from a patient perspective and has four key goals of:

  • Bettering communication both to patients and between staff and has four;
  • Improving access to consultation and diagnostics;
  • Enhancing continuity of care in supporting the management of their long-term condition(s);
  • And, effectively coordinating care for the frail elderly and those with complex conditions.

As a result of the health and care system working better together in this way, patients are not only receiving the coordinated support necessary for their health needs but they are also linking to the wider network of care and social interaction in their community to help them to live more independently for longer.

Anne Marie Carey, Head of Early Intervention Services for DWMHT, said: “The evolving nature of patient care requires healthcare providers to collaborate in new, innovative ways so that patients are provided with the best care possible. In Dudley, we have seen particular success from working in partnership with GPs and the CCG to provide simple access to psychological support.”