Sleep Disorders – 04/12/12

Increasing numbers of people are asking for help with sleep disorders with specialist sleep clinics treating more people with sleep disorders than ever before.

More than 30% of the UK population suffers from insomnia or another sleep disorder, according to the Mental Health Foundation. This can have serious mental and physical consequences.

Clinics say they are getting up to 50 new referrals a week. It's a fivefold increase in just a decade for some. This big rise has been put down to raised awareness of sleep disorders and more people reporting them.

The clinics are also dealing with some strange new sleep behaviour, including eating, texting and even people who stop breathing for a short period of time whilst they’re asleep.

You can improve you night’s sleep by making sure you have a quiet place to sleep, that the room temperature is right, avoiding stimulants like coffee or alcohol just before going to sleep and making sure you have a regular routine.