New Dementia Facilities for Residents of Dudley – 08/11/10

Opening of Multi Sensory Room

Older adults suffering from dementia in Dudley will now have access to the latest in hi-tech facilities as a new multi sensory room is opened at Bushey Fields Hospital.

Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust have invested in a state of the art multi sensory room purposely designed and built for patients with dementia type illnesses.

The new multi sensory room provides a variety of equipment specially designed to stimulate the senses such as LED lighting which projects therapeutic colours and hidden speakers which emit relaxing music.

Multi Sensory Room

The purpose of the room is to provide a safe and relaxing environment for patients to reduce anxieties and stress which are symptoms often experienced by older adults with dementia. The development of these facilities offers great benefits for people living with dementia and other mental health conditions in Dudley.

The interactive Multisensory room is available for use 24 hours per day and could be used for many different purposes throughout the day and night to respond to the changing nature of behaviour and mood found in people who have failing thought processes.

Liam Dolan, Associate Director of Older Adults Services at Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust said: “Sensory therapy can have significant benefits and can reduce the need for strong medications.  The introduction of this new multi sensory room will make a huge difference to peoples lives and demonstrates our commitment and support for people living with dementia.”