Bloxwich Hospital Makes Hand Washing Fun for Local Pupils – 13/05/13

Clean Hands Characters

Pupils at Lower Farm Primary School in Bloxwich were taught the importance of hand washing to mark World Health Organisation’s Clean Hands Save Lives Day on 3 May 2013.

Over 100 pupils from Years One and Two were entertained by a giant bug and bar of soap, otherwise known as Dawn Roe and Mark Naughton from Bloxwich Hospital.

The children were taught the rhyme ‘Bugs are mean, keep your hands clean’ and were given ‘magic’ lotion which showed the nasty bugs on their hands. They were then taught how to properly wash their hands and were inspected on the results.

Clean Hands Events

Modern Matron at Bloxwich Hospital June Trusevicz said: “Going to the school was an absolutely wonderful experience. We take our responsibility for promoting hand hygiene very seriously and try to reach people at a young age to develop awareness and to influence their future practice. Everyone who contributed to the day enjoyed it immensely and the school felt it was a useful contribution to their health education.”

The school was given resource packs from the World Health Organisation containing fun games around germs, washing your hands and when you should wash your hands for the teachers to use in future learning.

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