Hello My Name Is

The 'Hello my name is…' campaign was created by Dr Kate Granger, a hospital consultant from Yorkshire who works in elderly care, to improve the patient experience not only here in the UK, but across the world. Kate became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was in hospital. Her campaign, started on social media platform Twitter has inspired nurses, doctors, therapists, receptionists, porters, domestics and staff in all roles.

To help us prepare to launch the campaign, we met up with Kate to find out more about her story, and to hear her thoughts for the importance of the campaign in a mental health setting.

We met with Kate Granger in her home to discuss her life, values and driving force behind the campaign. You can click on the video below to watch the interview.

Embracing 'Hello My Name Is…' in Dudley and Walsall

Here at Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust we have embraced the 'Hello My Name Is…' campaign. Senior staff led the way at a leadership event in June making their pledges to improve patient care. We have also created an online pledge wall where all staff can submit their pledge. Throughout the year we will be looking at different ways in rolling out the message and building momentum with staff.