Looking after our staff – Sam is our NHS Hero

From looking after patients in the pool to looking after the health and wellbeing of NHS staff, Sam Skelding (30), has done it all.Sam, who lives in Sedgley, has worked in the NHS for 11 years in a variety of different roles from being a lifeguard within a hydrotherapy team to undertaking health checks for patients in the community, and now as a workplace wellbeing coordinator for Dudley and Walsall Mental Health (DWMH) Partnership NHS Trust.

Sam said: “I studied English at University but somehow ended up landing a job as a lifeguard when I was 19 and have stayed with the NHS ever since.”

He added: “I have always enjoyed helping others and really took an interest in health and wellbeing ever since I saw a job advertised for a health check coordinator in West Park Hospital in Wolverhampton where I ended up working for a number of years.

“At the time I didn’t know what to expect but I really wanted to help improve the lives of others by improving their health and wellbeing, and after I landed that role, the opportunities just sort of opened up from there.”

Within Sam’s current role as a workplace wellbeing coordinator, he is responsible for improving the health and wellbeing of staff, whether that’s arranging health checks for staff, hosting sporting events or encouraging staff to sign up to mindfulness sessions.

“It’s so important for me to support staff with their health and wellbeing at work because although I don’t directly work with patients in my role, by looking after the health and wellbeing of our staff, it can only have a positive impact on our patients.”

Throughout his career, Sam said he’s had many career highlights, but one which stands out the most was setting up a number of health check events for members of the public in Wolverhampton which proved a huge success.

Sam enjoys many aspects of his current role but most of all he enjoys being creative and consistently conjuring up ideas to improve DWMH staff’s health and wellbeing.

When asked what his next big challenge was, Sam said: “Developing staff health and wellbeing across the Trust even further.

“I really want it to be a brand that staff feel they can trust and rely on when they need support and continually benefit from.”

Outside of work, Sam loves spending time with his wife and daughter and watching the Wolves play football.

So who is Sam’s hero?

“I can honestly say that my mom is my hero as she has made me who I am today and has meant that I have been able to deal with all things thrown at me, in a calm and collected way,” said Sam.

Sam’s mental health message: “Always try to seek support as much as you can, even if it’s just talking to someone close to you, as it can really help make a difference.”