Local people score Trust highly in community survey

The Trust has scored highly in a survey exploring experiences of mental health care, based on the views of local people.

The Trust scored highly for service users rating their experience as ‘good or very good’ in the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Community Mental Health Survey. In the same survey, 98% of respondents reported that they felt that they knew who to contact if they have a concern about their care.

The Trust achieved a response rate of 32% – higher than the national average and significant improvements from last year’s survey were made in areas including patients being aware of who is in charge of their treatment, receiving information about their medicines and medication being reviewed.

Other areas that we scored highly include the reviewing and planning of care, family members being involved in care and being treated with dignity and respect by mental health services.

Mark Axcell, Acting Chief Executive, Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnerhip NHS Trust commented: “We take part in these surveys every year to help us to understand how we can improve services and offer a better experience for all of our service users. We are pleased with the results received this year, but we also recognise that there are areas for improvement. An action plan for the survey has been put into place to ensure that these standards are met in next year’s results.”

You can find out more about the published results from this year’s National Community Health Survey by visiting www.cqc.org.uk/cmhsurvey