Liaison and Diversion

Who is our service for?

The Black Country Liaison and Diversion service (L&D) is funded by NHS England and provided by the Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust to deliver a single service across the Black Country. The service is part of the second wave of trial L&D services, commissioned by NHS England to provide an all-age service for people with any vulnerability to facilitate screening/assessment and referral of a wide range of presentations including issues around, mental health, learning disability, substance misuse, head injury personality disorder etc.

How do we help?

The Black Country L&D service went operational from 7th April 2015 and comprises of three elements:

• Liaison and Diversion Custody Team-Mental Health/Learning Disability trained nurses are based within Oldbury Custody Suite and Wolverhampton Police Station, providing assessment, to people of all ages and any vulnerability. Outcomes of these assessment can range from Hospital admission to general signposting or referral into community based services, including our own Outreach Team. Operation times are 8am to 8pm seven days a week.

• Outreach Team-Comprises of Support Time Recovery (STR) Workers and Mental Health nurses who engage with those (adults) referred by Criminal Justice Team staff or the Custody element of the service. The aim is to pro-actively link people into community based services to promote engagement, provide low level support and is generally (but not always) time limited to 6 weeks. Staff are based at, Pinfold Health Centre, Bloxwich. Service is Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

• Youth Team-Again made up of both Mental Health Nurses and STR Workers working with young people (under 18yrs), who are embedded within the Youth Offe nding Services across the boroughs and are also based at Pinfold Health Centre, Bloxwich. Hours of operation as per the Outreach Team.

Referrals (in custody)are generally made by Police or picked up proactively but anyone can refer into the service regarding someone held in custody in either of the two custody suites including self referral. Consideration for Carer referral is undertaken during each assessment. L&D also acts as a point of referral and assertive follow up for these services users, to ensure they can access, and are supported to attend, treatment and rehabilitation appointments.

In this way, L&D services are expected to help reduce reoffending, and reduce health inequalities for some of the most vulnerable in society

Who can refer into our service?

Custody Team-The majority of referrals are via the police, although anyone in Police custody can refer to the service including self, carers and families.

Outreach Team-Referrals are taken from the Black Country Criminal Justice Teams (covering the whole of the Black Country) or the Custody Team.

Youth Team-All young people seen in Custody are referred to the Youth Team and the other referral route is from any of the four Youth Offending Teams where someone is being considered for an out of court disposal.

How do you reach us?

The teams can be contacted on the following numbers:

Liaison and Diversion Outreach Team: 01922 607 054

Liaison and Diversion Youth Team: 01922 607 054

Liaison and Diversion Custody Team: Oldbury Custody Suite 101  Ext 815 6014/5

Wolverhampton Police station 101 Ext 871 3210