Excellent care offered on Clent Ward

Bushey Fields Hospital (125)The care provided by staff on Clent Ward, Bushey Fields Hospital, has been recognised as ‘excellent’ by leading authorities.

It joins three other Trust sites in receiving the top, level 1 rating from AIMS (Accreditation for Acute Inpatient Mental Health Services).

The assessors found that the ward environment, facilities and staff attitude were all of the highest standard. They also praised the team’s communication, creative thinking and emphasis on continued training to improve quality of care.

AIMS is a partnership between the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society, the College of Occupational Therapists and the Royal College of Nursing. It works to identify wards with high standards of organisation and patient care.

In all, Clent Ward is the sixth in the Trust to earn AIMS accreditation. It’s the fourth – alongside Cedars and Linden at Bloxwich Hospital and Malvern at Bushey Fields – to have been rated as ‘excellent’.

Patricia Hughes, Ward Manager, said: ‘As a Trust we are extremely proud to have AIMS accreditation. It’s given us a benchmark to work towards in our everyday practice but we are always looking to improve.”

Kate Gingell, the Trust’s Joint Medical Director, said: “I was so pleased to read the report highlighting that there is a lot of creative thinking within the team.

“In my experience a team that provides a great service for patients is one where no one is afraid to offer an idea or opinion in the knowledge that it will be listened to and implemented with enthusiasm if it embodies all the values of patient care and compassion that we strive for.

“This has obviously been identified by the accreditation team and reflects the huge amount of effort that has gone into achieving this level of excellence by all clinical members of the team working together. Many congratulations to all clinical staff and ward managers.”