NHS Personal, Fair, Diverse (PFD)

The NHS ‘Personal, Fair and Diverse’ Campaign (PFD)

The Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust is proud to be an active partner in creating a personal, fair and diverse NHS through the NHS Employers Personal, Fair and Diverse Campaign (NHS PFD).  NHS Employers are working with the Equality and Diversity Council (EDC) to encourage NHS staff to become champions. The aim is to create a vibrant network of champions who are committed to taking action, however small, to create a personal, fair and diverse NHS.

The Trust was awarded the PFD Organisational Award 2014, it has won this award because the organisation has demonstrated an on-going commitment to personalised care through inclusive behaviour which has helped to either improve patient outcomes or create a more inclusive workplace. The Trust was also acknowledged for going the extra mile to engage and encourage staff in the Trust to promote PFD and help further embed the values.

Through the E&D Lead the Trust is helping the PFD campaign grow with the great work it is doing and by encouraging others to sign up to this growing network. This – in turn – means that the Trust has pledged to take some action, however small, to help turn the vision of a personal, fair and diverse NHS into a reality

A personal, fair and diverse NHS is one where:

• everyone counts
• services are personal, designed to give patients what they want and need
• fairness is built in- so that everyone has equal opportunities and treatment
• the skills and experiences of employees from all backgrounds are used and valued
• people can choose the services they want and have as much support as they need
• everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and when they complain – we listen and put things right
• talent flourishes and nothing stops people going as far as they want
• we are accountable and patients are informed and have more control
• care doesn’t stop at the door, but helps people live healthier lives.

NHS Employers and our Trust are aware that building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive healthcare service takes real commitment over time. We hope that this campaign will bring renewed energy and focus to this important area of work.

We know that our staff champion fairness and diversity every day and deliver services that are personal. On the NHS Employers website there are over 50 case studies highlighting some of the excellent work already going on in the wider NHS.

We hope that this campaign will highlight more of this good work and specifically the individual contributions that are made on a day to day basis to deliver services that are personal, fair and diverse.

As part of NHS Employers National Equality & Diversity Week 2014, The Trust’s Equality & Diversity lead and the Community Development Workers Team held a series of staff, service user and public engagement events to further promote the Trust’s ethos around creating a personal, fair and diverse NHS.  Please view the following link to the special edition newsletter highlighting the weeks celebratory activities.

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