Equality and Diversity

Two Ticks Logo Our Trust is committed to putting equality at the heart of all we do. We serve a population of around 560,000 people from an incredibly rich mix of communities, cultures and backgrounds. We also have a legal requirement to deliver equality in our services and as an employer.

Embracing Equality and Diversity

In our role as service provider it is imperative that we ensure equality of access, equality of experience and equality of outcome for all of the diverse populations we serve. For our Trust, equality is about making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances. It’s about making sure everyone gets an equal outcome – either in the standard of the service they receive or in their experience as an employee.

Equality in the Workplace

An essential part of achieving Equality and Diversity will involve working together to ensure that our workforce reflects the community it serves and that all our staff are:

  • Valued as individuals and for the experience, knowledge and skills they can bring to the workplace
  • Are given equal opportunities for career, training and personal development
  • Do not suffer from harassment, bullying or victimisation

This will result in a workforce which feels valued and respected. It will have a very positive effect on the ability of staff to provide the best possible treatment and care to our service users.

Annual Report 2016/17

2016/17 has been a year of consolidating our previous good work, delivering support differently, and facing up to new challenges, including the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES). The Trust continues to value equality, diversity and inclusion and ensure there will be no barriers for any group or individual receiving a good health outcome.

During 2016/17 the Trust has continued to fulfil its mission to embed equality and inclusivity throughout the organisation to enable the Trust to excel in equality, dignity and diversity practice. Tackling inequality and removing barriers in respect of equality, diversity and human rights through employment and the services provided remains a key strategic focus for the Trust.

Click here to read the latest annual report.

Equality Act 2010 – The Duty to Publish Equality Information

Equality underpins our decisions as a mental health service provider. From 31st January 2012, the Trust has a legal requirement to publish information which shows that we are meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 on an annual basis – our Equality Information Report.