Employment Service (Walsall)

What is this service?

The Walsall Employment Service offers two types of intervention – Employment Retention and Employment Support.

Employment Retention is for people who are currently employed but whose job may be at risk or require other support due to issues surrounding their employment and mental health. The advisor can support people off sick from work to return by offering advice and support to employers where needed. They also offer some in work support to prevent a person needing long term sick leave.

Employment Support is for people who are unemployed and seeking to enter some form of open paid employment (part or full-time). This may include short-term work experience requirements. It is not for clients requiring activities, long-term education or volunteering. We are a Centre of Excellence for the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach having achieved Exemplary status in our last Fidelity Review (March 2015)

Download our Employment Services leaflet here.

How can I access the service?

Any person receiving secondary mental health care – through a Community Mental Health Team, Home Treatment, Early Intervention Service or Outpatients – can make use of this service.

Contact can be made through care coordinators in the Secondary Teams or directly by self-referral. Self referrals can be made via the following numbers:

Employment Support (Secondary Care) – 01922 607500 or DWMH.Walsall.employmentservice@nhs.net

Employment Support (Primary care) – via email for the attention of primary care: dwmh.walsall.employmentservice@nhs.net

Employment Retention – 01922 607808 or 01922 607809

Where is the service provided?

Employment support is available in both Primary and Secondary Care in Walsall with retention offered in Secondary Care only.

In secondary care, Vocational Specialists are based within each of the two Community Recovery Service teams and work alongside the rest of their Mental Health colleagues (e.g. Community Psychiatric Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, and Support Workers etc. to help people gain paid employment.

In primary care, Vocational Specialists are embedded within the Talking Therapies and Primary Care Mental Health teams, with the majority of referrals received from these teams, however self-referrals are accepted.