Embedding Lessons and Triangulation Group

The Embedding Lessons and Triangulation group meet bi-monthly; the meeting provides a forum to triangulate data from various quality governance sources (e.g. complaints, incidents, audit, experience surveys, staff surveys and safeguarding) in order to identify areas of practice that may require further review and/or escalation or teams/services that may require extra support/resource.

The group consists of core members which include the leads from various quality governance work-streams (e.g. service experience lead, serious incident facilitator, Head of safeguarding) and staff representatives across trust services. It’s important that staff contribute to discussions and share learning back with their teams but also raise any additional learning points (concerns and good practice) that may not have been identified through the formal monitoring routes. After each meeting we will be sharing the learning across the whole organisation – this month the focus is on communication.

Members of the group are expected to share the details of learning from their various work-stream sources. The aims being to:

  • determine themes in learning
  • establish and monitor the extent of concern regarding a particular area of practice
  • identify learning points that may be applicable to other teams/services across the trust.

This process aims to both prevent similar occurrences and promotes a consistent working across the Trust.

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