Early Access Service

What is this service?

There is one Early Access Service (EAS) in each of the Dudley and Walsall localities, working across health and social care. The service is a single point of entry for all adult referrals and will provide mental health screening and assessment of all referrals.

Assessments will be carried out in various locations by a Consultant Psychiatrist and a Mental Health Professional. Following assessment, the Early Access Service will direct people to the most appropriate service to meet their needs. It will provide same day assessment for all urgent referrals and an assessment within 15 working days for priority referrals (non-urgent).

Download our Early Access Service leaflet here.

How can I access the service?

Your GP will be able to refer you to the service.

Where is the service provided?

The service is available in both Dudley and Walsall, at the following sites:

Sandringham Ward
Bushey Fields Road
Russells Hall
West Midlands

Dorothy Pattison Hospital
Alumwell Close