Dry January 2016

The New Year is a time for resolutions and change, so why not be a part of Dry January to kick start your 2016. The campaign was set up by Alcohol Concern, the national charity dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol to individuals, families and society. All money donated will help Alcohol Concern provide awareness, get young people involved in conversations around alcohol for the first time, and help to protect families. If you need inspiration and ideas for your fundraising, click here.

Not only will you help the wider society by taking part in the campaign, you’ll also be helping yourself physically and mentally. Alcohol is known to be a primary cause of many health issues ranging from cancer to diabetes. It can also be damaging to your mental health, leaving many drinkers feeling tired or depressed. The campaign is also a great way to save money! More information on alcohol and unit guidance can be found on the NHS Choices website.

It might sound difficult to stop drinking for a whole 31 days, but the benefits are overwhelming. Last year, participants were said to have a better sleep, clearer skin, more energy and a healthier relationship with alcohol. Nearly 10% of participants said they didn’t plan on drinking again, and more than six in ten were choosing to drink much less half a year later.

To find out more about the campaign please click here, or sign up here. You can also follow the journey of several of our staff member’s alcohol free month by reading their blogs. Let us know about your progress with the campaign and how you’re raising money at communication@dwmh.nhs.uk.