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At Walsall CAMHS we work together with young people, their families or carers to ensure that their lives are as good as they can be. Young people can receive treatment for emotional, behavioral or mental health difficulties, as well as receiving treatment, we also have clinics such as our ASD or ADHD Clinic where by young people may be given a diagnosis to help better explain or understand their difficulties.

At Walsall CAMHS you will find a team of people with different jobs who have experience of working with children and young people who have mental health difficulties. The team could include psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, counsellors, family therapists, psychotherapists and many more.

At Walsall CAMHS, we aim to provide a specialist service for all young people in the borough. We have many specialist teams that can meet the needs of young people, whether it be young people who are looked after, have a specific disorder such as Eating disorder or a Neurodevelopmental condition, are needing crisis support or some short term school based intervention. As well as working directly with young people, we recognize that there are significant others in young people’s lives that may need support or need to understand a young person’s difficulties; we also offer support and work for families and networks supporting these young people. It is important to us at Walsall CAMHS that we include everyone in the journey to make recovery as viable as possible.

Any young person up to the age of 17yrs living in Walsall can access Walsall CAMHS. If you feel that you need support please contact your GP, Pediatrician or Social worker.

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