Positive Steps Dudley

Positive Steps

Positive StepsThe Positive Steps Team has a passion for improving and supporting children and young people’s mental health.  All professionals within the team come from a variety of diverse professional backgrounds all allied to mental/emotional health.  The team has good working relationships with a wide variety of professionals including the core CAMHS service.

The Positive Steps Team provide assessment and targeted treatment of mild to moderate mental health presentations, therapeutic interventions and consultation.

Our aims are:

  • To support our colleagues in universal and primary care services to  detect emerging emotional issues /difficulties and provide preventative programs of support to children, young people and families in need.
  • To provide secondary mental health support with mild to moderate mental health presentations, goal setting in specific areas and short term guided psycho-education.
  • To ensure that children and young people requiring more specialist mental health support are supported to access services in a timely manner.

The Positive Steps Team accept referrals from School Nurses and Core CAMHS for children and young people, up to the age of 19 (who are in need of emotional health support beyond the universal level but not meeting the Tier 3 Specialist CAMHS criteria