About Dawn Jones Art Prize

Dawn was a talented artist from Walsall who tragically ended her life in 2005 aged 25, following a long battle with mental ill health.

Now in its thirteenth year, the competition was set up by Maureen Jones in memory of her daughter. The aim of the competition is to offer people with experience of mental health the opportunity to express themselves and create meaningful artwork for people to enjoy. It also aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Dawn Jones’s mother, Maureen, comments: “It has been very rewarding to hear so many people say things like they had given up art when they were ill, but that the Dawn Jones Art prize had inspired them to start getting involved in artwork again.”

Entries are invited from anyone with close experience of ill mental health, whether you are a service user, carer, relation of service user or staff working in mental health.

In 2017 the winners prize was awarded to Michael Haddon and William Fizzell.