All staff to earn at least the ‘living wage’

The Trust has committed to paying all employees at least the ‘living wage’, an hourly rate significantly higher than the national minimum wage.

The living wage, which is £7.85 per hour for those outside of London, is a voluntary initiative designed to encourage employers to raise the pay of those on the lowest incomes – ensuring that it covers the basic cost of living. The figure is set independently and updated each year.

The move, which has the support of local trade unions, means that as of 1st July 2015 Trust employees whose pay was below £7.85 per hour have received a pay rise. The living wage will also apply to new employees whose rate of pay would previously have been lower.

Ashi Williams, Associate Director of People, commented: “By signing up to the living wage it demonstrates the value we place in all of our staff. They are the lifeblood of our organisation.

“We are committed to improving the wellbeing and financial security of our workers, and hopefully this will set an example to other employers in the area.”