Our Vision and Values

The Trust’s vision is one of providing recovery oriented services and, in 2015, we published our second Clinical and Social Care Strategic Vision that defined how our mental health services should be delivered in the future. This vision was guided by a growing emphasis on the wellbeing of the population, prevention and early intervention.

Our Vision

Better Together – delivering flexible, high-quality, evidence-based services to enable people to achieve recovery.

Our Strategic Objectives

Improve patient experience and the quality of services.

Become a preferred provider of mental health services for the Black Country, building on core skills to deliver services that address emerging or unmet needs.

Develop the enabling strategies and organisational capabilities to support high quality service delivery.

Our Values

During spring 2015 we updated our Trust values by asking staff what was important to them. We received over 500 suggestions, which were further refined, before the final four were chosen. They are:

Caring – We value people, behaving in a way that is supportive, considerate and compassionate. All decisions we make have the users of our Trust at the heart, no matter where we work.

Integrity – We are open, transparent and appropriately honest, treating everyone with dignity and respect, celebrating the uniqueness of individuals.

Quality – We are proud and motivated, providing a professional and expert service to all we encounter. We take ownership of problems we face, always looking for improvements and opportunities to develop and grow.

Collaborative – We utilise the experience of each other, working effectively in partnership, with a ‘one team mentality’ that listens in order to achieve the very best outcomes.

We think of our values as a set of guiding principles to refer to when making decisions and interacting with people. They help us to work together to continuously improve the organisation, and ourselves.

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