Mental Health Forum

Every year we hold quarterly mental health forums on a variety of topics. The forums are open to the public and feature guest speakers, local stallholders, activities and a free lunch. So far, we have covered topics such as the road to recovery, self-harm, OCD and many others.

For more information about upcoming Mental Health Forums please contact Matt Petchey, Service Experience Officer, on 01384 324531 or at

Previous forum resources:

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing
Iram Maan – Five Ways to Wellbeing
David Stocks – Happy to be Mad
David Stocks – Desperately seeking treatment
Laughter yoga session (Facebook video)
Wellbeing pledge tips and hints
Wellbeing pledge card

Behaviour and mental health

‘This Old Ghost’ – a poem on OCD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Self-help guide
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Myths and Facts

Adam Pickles – OCD Mental Health Forum

Dr Suhail Undre – OCD Mental Health Forum
Living with OCD – a patient perspective by Jon

Self-harm and eating disorders
Dr Safi Afghan – Why suicide prevention should be everybody’s business
Dr Marie Payne – A Psychological Perspective on Self-harm