A ‘go-to’ for many – Jan is our NHS Hero

Having worked for Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (DWMH) since its doors opened in 2008, Jan Roberts is a perfect example of someone who lives the values of the Trust and as a result she has become the ‘go-to’ person for her colleagues.

Jan, who lives in Milking Bank in Dudley, is an assistant administrator for the executive PA team. Based at the Trust’s Headquarters, Jan is responsible for a variety of tasks which help the chief executive, the executive team, and many other members of staff at the Trust.

“I help with raising orders, invoicing, room bookings, and arranging meetings. They are the tasks which fall under my job role, but really every day is different, and my priorities are always changing depending on what is happening within the Trust.

“My work varies so much from day-to-day that I can never really predict what I’ll be doing next” laughed Jan.

Jan is also known by her colleagues as the person who will help with any queries they may have – she is the ‘go-to’ person and always willing to help with a smile.

“I have such lovely colleagues who are so helpful and supportive. I just feel that I’m doing my job as best as I can, but I really appreciate the recognition I receive – it is really heart-warming.”

There have been many highlights for Jan during her career with the NHS, but a significant one was being the runner-up for the unsung hero award, which is a category in DWMH’s annual staff awards.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was nominated, and then to be runner-up was amazing; I was in complete shock!” said Jan.

“I feel really privileged to work for the NHS, and that I have been part of DWMH since the beginning.

“It always makes me smile each year when we celebrate the Trust’s birthday, because I can also celebrate my work anniversary! It felt even more special when the 10th year came around, as it was a wonderful milestone” beamed Jan.

In her spare time, Jan enjoys going to church, and looking after her 18 month old granddaughter. She also looks forward to holidays with her and her sister’s family, as she loves exploring new places with her loved ones.

“I also love going out for meals. A curry is definitely my favourite!” smiled Jan.

So who is Jan’s hero?

“My husband Peter, my family, and the church are my heroes. They have supported me through difficult times and have always been there for me – they really are amazing.”

Jan’s mental health message: “Share your concerns and worries with people – it really will help.”