Recognising Success awards 2016

We are committed to demonstrating that we value and appreciate the contribution of staff. Our Recognising Success staff awards are the ideal way for us to celebrate staff achievements and give recognition for all of the hard work and dedication shown throughout the year. So if you know of a team or individual who deserves special recognition for their outstanding work, this is your chance to let us know about it.

This year, we have introduced new categories to reflect our newly refreshed values. You can only select one category on an individual nomination form. If we feel that your submission would benefit from enhancement to improve its chance within the category, we will contact you to confirm you are happy with this so please include your contact details on the form.

If you need any help or support when filling in the form, please contact or 01384 325015.

Closing date for nominations is 30 September, so don’t delay in submitting your nomination today!

This year’s award categories are:

Unsung Hero

An individual or volunteer who goes the extra mile, above and beyond the call of duty to provide a service.

They will demonstrate our Trust values and put in extraordinary effort to deliver safe, high quality, effective care for service users and staff.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

• How they have demonstrated consistent or outstanding service to the Trust, going above and beyond to treat colleagues or patients in line with Trust values

• Making a significant difference to the experience of staff, patients, carers or visitors

• Exceeded what would normally be expected of them in their role, demonstrating commitment to achieving high quality outcomes in their line of work

• Demonstrated commitment to equality and diversity by delivering better outcomes for staff, patients which are fair, personal and diverse

Last year’s winner: Sadie Bond

Patient Champion Award

An individual who provides high quality care and has shown dedication and commitment to improving services for patients putting patients first, allowing patients to have their say etc.

This individual will have taken action to promote inclusion and engagement with patients and/or carers and shows exceptional care for patients.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

• Made a change that had a positive, measured and sustainable impact on patient experience

• Went ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of patients or their families

Last year’s winner: Bloxwich Activity Coordinators

Working in Collaboration

Recognises an individual or team that demonstrates that they have taken action to ensure that services are personal, fair and diverse, and that everyone has equal opportunities and treatment regardless of their differences. This may be someone who has taken action to tackle discrimination head on or who has made changes to the way services are accessed or provided to ensure that all our service users’ individual needs are thought about and recognised.

Judges will be looking for evidence of:

• Working successfully in collaboration across internal or external services of the Trust

• Seeking out ways to truly build relationships and removing obstacles

• Sharing learning and feedback with others

Last year’s winner: Acute Service Leads and Ward Managers


You are encouraged to submit as many nominations forms as you wish. You can also submit the same team or individual for more than one award as long as it matches the individual criteria.

The video footage that is taken for each nomination is highly appreciated by attendees of the awards ceremony and we would like to continue with this. It is especially appreciated by those who have been nominated. However, we do recognise that members of staff may not be comfortable with the filming process, in these cases we can arrange for alternative method of filming. Should you nominate or be nominated, we will work with you to find the most appropriate approach to achieve a great nomination video.

For further information or support in submitting your nomination form, please contact, who will be happy to help. Follow updates on staff awards using the hashtag #RSA2016.